Katameya Hights Egypt the Best Place To Live In

A beautiful and peaceful surrounding in your thought? That will come true when you visit the Katameya Dunes in Egypt.

Have you ever imagined of a sanctuary of well-being and peace amidst the bustling streets of Cairo? Then this compound should come into your mind!

Located in New Cairo, Katameya Dunes boast of new luxury retreat villas, spas and golf courses. Indeed, The place is a prestigious residential community that hosts most of Cairo’s high end residential compounds.

Katameya Dunes is a ina significant location in Egypt, and is famously known for its unique spa facilities, hotels and restaurant infrastructure and historic golf courses.

Most of the modern facilities at Katameya are uniquely designed to give you a refreshing feeling. Envisage Five Star Plus hotels, various 300 square meter Spas and modern Golf Academies all under one roof!

The Spas depicts an inherent array of wellness treatments from the U.S (Hawaii), Sweden among other local organic treatments. The modern spa facilities include whirlpools and swimming pools among.

If you want a special feeling of bliss, then Katameya Dunes Spas will do! Experience constant innovative treatments that will soothe your spirit and rejuvenate your body and mind. Besides, the Katameya Dunes Golf Academy offers the best and state-of-the-art teaching technologies.

When you buy a villa at Katameya Dunes, we promise you a free 3-months training at the academy! We guarantee you an exquisite experience like no other with our team of Golf prfessionals.

Buy a Villa in Katameya today to experience all the magic Katameya Dunes has to offer!

And, don’t worry we got you covered! We still have a vacant and very spacious Villa for rent in Katameya hights that you can still buy and fulfill your dreams.

The Villa have lush landscaped gardens with a magnificent opportunity to unwind and retreat from the busy streets of Cairo.

With a Villa at Katameya Dunes, get prepared for a revitalizing range of amenities that will probably blow up your mind.

Together with a relatively dynamic and attractive landscape lined with a number of attractive and modern structures, Katameya Dunes is definitely the place to be.

The Lakes and the Palms are some of the scenic beauties that attracts visitors and epic lovers visiting the Katameya Dunes.



We guarantee that a day spend in the Katameya Dunes will introduce you to extensive and ultra-luxurious facilities that will leave your jaw dropped.


Katameya Dunes will ensure that you experience love and peace. Imagine relaxing, reviving and indulging in a perfect environment for sheer wellness!

Heavenly Katameya Dunes facilities promise you just that.

And yes, the evening catwalk along the Lake Course coupled with the panoramic views of the beautifully designed facilities is a realty.

Do you want to sleep well, eat well, work well, play well and feel well? Then consider buying one of the Villas at Katameya Dunes.

And again, delight yourself with true meaning of happiness and living large at Katameya Dunes villas. Seize the opportunity and buy that Villa now! What are you waiting for?


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