How To Sell Your Home On Pinterest

How to Sell your House on Pinterest.

Pinterest refers to an online social bookmark website platform that allows users to share and download favourite photos regarding anything. Pinterest is exclusively very fast website with registered million users.

Consider the following steps on how to sell your house on pinterest

Step 1.Creating a profile.
Inorder for you to acces pinterest you need to be a user first by signig up or creating a profile. Make sure your profile is complete and offers detailed information. Its preferably that you join using social network provided e.g Facebook so that your pin can reach a diverse of users.

Step 2. Profile completion on business account.
Make sure your profile is complete. Always use a consistent user name. This will help people search you and easily spots you. Come up clear with the detailed information of what your Biz account will be dealing in.

Step 3. Verification of Website.
In most cases verification links are sent to your email accounts. Its vital to verify your account so that it can have access to a working account. Either way verifications can be inform of inserting new codes that will be sent to you.

Step 4. Set up the Pin button.
Its very easy to use. If you are using internet explorer
On the pinterest page click get browser button.
Then click run. Its at the bottom side on the yellow bunner.
If it has allowed you to to install click “yes”.
Then shut down other websites like explorer

Step 5. Add pin. That’s the image of your house.
To add the photos of your house, click pin it button on the respective website. From the screen pop that appears, sellect the image of your house. If its an album get another window, choose which board and sellect then write details of your house. Either way you can still use the drop box menu

Step 6. Creat a board
At the upper right side on the page click add+ button then select create board. Provide descriptive word that your followers will locate you using it. Not to forget after this add another

Step 7.Repin
Repin the house image from your feeds
When hovering on your house image the repin button comes out. Click repin and follow steps used to pin.

Step 8.Like and Comment
Respond to comments and likes made by people Upload the picture of your house.

Step 9. Upload the image of your house
On the main pinterest page click add button used when creating new board. From screen pop up there is add pin by paste or upoload from hard drive. Select either regarding location of the saved image .

Final thoughts
Uploading a file in pinterest is very easy and fast. Pinterest is well known for its security features thus its used by many people globally.

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